Roberto De Carvalho – Proprietor & Executive Chef - Roberto’s signature restaurant
From the very moment I thought of going into business for myself – I knew that Peter Unsworth and his P.R Team were the only ones who would be able to accurately comprehend me and my business enough to be able to assist in getting our name and our brand out into the world. After dealing with Peter Unsworth while I was the Executive Chef of the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa – I realised that he has the indispensable experience and contacts to be able to help make my business a success.

Peter Unsworth has unquestionably helped me to bring my business to where it is today. Not only from a PR point of view, because he has positively added value to my business from the décor, to the styling, to the branding and he has become a proud ambassador of my business and above all his capabilities are absolutely endless!.

Brenda James – Sales and Marketing Manager The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa
It has been a complete pleasure working with The P.R Team over the years, I have found Peter Unsworth and his team both personable yet incredibly professional in their dealings with The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa.

Pete has the unique ability to connect with every level within the PR business and to find common ground in order to switch people onto the hotels, resorts, lodges or restaurants he is representing.

General Manager for Upper Deck Properties (Pty) Ltd – Upper Deck Lifestyle centre home of fu.shi fusion cuisine
Having worked with The P.R Team, headed by Peter Unsworth, to launch the Upper Deck Lifestyle Centre with fu.shi fusion cuisine and The Upper Deck Gallery, as well as The Old Post Office (Plettenberg Bay), I would stress the importance of having them as an integral part of the startup process of any business. They achieved extraordinary publicity and media coverage in a very short space of time, with great professionalism and finesse. Peter becomes an integrated part of the team, and puts much thought and effort into the PR representation of your project, making valuable and sensible suggestions as he guides you through this process. Guys – you rock !!

Tyrone Eady - Merchandise Executive - Westcor - Maxim Jewellery & Café Maxim
The P.R Team is without a doubt the most professional PR company I have ever worked with. Business is about partnerships and I found The P.R Team's approach exactly the same. Valuable input, honest feedback and open discussions led to a successful relationship that helped put our companies' new business model on the map. Over the past 9 months that The P.R. Team has been involved with our business, we have enjoyed exceptional coverage in all forms of media that completely surpassed my expectations.

If it's public relations your business needs ...The PR Team is the only choice.

Charlie Bronks - International Business Development (Grande Provence Estate, Huka Lodge & Dolphin Island)
From the first moment we met Peter Unsworth and The P.R Team a formidable talent was evident. These people are DOER's a rare and endangered species of gifted individuals who really care about your brand or product and will work with you and amaze you with their commitment, dedication and 'know how'.
Pete is simply the best in the business, he won't say so but all his clients do - but we say it quietly in case this incredibly dynamic and professional Boutique PR firm is taken away from us!
I have worked all over the world with many good PR & Marketing firms but I have never come across anyone that comes close with the performance and delivery of Peter Unsworth and his P.R Team.

Corlia Erwee - P.R Lecturer - Varsity College
Peter Unsworth is a well known face at the Cape Town campus of Varsity College, where he has dazzled PR students with his knowledge and passion for the PR profession. The college offers the official PR-course of the Public Relations Institute of South-Africa (PRISA) and has come to know Peter as a passionate and very talented guest-lecturer. What started off as a once-off visit has turned into a much valued relationship that will hopefully continue for many years to come. Students comments on Peter's classroom visits have varied from "His eyes come alive when he starts talking about PR" to "How do you gather so much knowledge in one lifetime".

H.E Robby Romero - United Nations Ambassador of Youth for the Environment
Mr Unsworth's publicity efforts were fruitful and were accomplished with integrity and respect. His work ethic stands alone.

Brett Shuttleworth - Super Model, Actor & C.E.O of Courage Lifestyles
He has revolutionised management and PR in South Africa! I could not do without this man; he is a true professional that delivers every promise - year in and year out!

Anita Vernes - M.DSouthern Spoor Marketing - Thanda Private Game Reserve
We contracted The P.R Team on behalf of our client Thanda Private Game Reserve as part of our pre and post lodge opening marketing plan. Of all our activities and planning, our association with The P.R Team has without a doubt been our best decision. Besides the return we have received in terms of exposure, P.R and media coverage, The P.R Team has been a delight to deal with in every way. They are always professional, efficient, knowledgeable and above all enthusiastic. I would not hesitate to recommend The P.R Team and as they say, "the proof is in the pudding", which is why we have extended our contract with them indefinitely.

Warren Brosnihan - Springbok Rugby Player
Peter Unsworth's dynamic ability and professionalism is unsurpassed and any client that hires his services is extremely fortunate.

Arnaud Xainte - Director - Illegitime Defense
His attention to detail and planning are unique. I have never before witnessed a person of his calibre operate at a moments notice with such professionalism and flair for people skills.

Bernard Wolfsdorf & Associates - Immigration Attorney U.S.A
Mr Unsworth represents perhaps the finest public relations expertise in all of Africa.

Maritha Pritchard - Lecturer Varsity College
His knowledge, experience and sheer brilliance is why he is looked upon as one of S.A's experts in the field and here at Varsity College we are proud to have him take the time out to pass on his expertise to our Students.

Sara Jones - Foundation for Life
I have no hesitation in categorically stating that Peter Unsworth is a P.R expert and his Company and indeed name, have been able to pen many doors for my foundation due to his outstanding reputation in Southern Africa for his professional excellence.

Dari Caplan - Artist
I know of few individuals in this country who are on a par with Peter Unsworth in terms of unparalleled, dynamic innovation, industriousness and creativity.

Sagren Naicker - Operations Manager - Cape Town Hotels
I can without question, state that The P.R Team has more than met our requirements and we have received more feedback about our Hotel Group during the time Peter Unsworth has represented us, than ever before.

Valme Kromker - Swift Micro Laboratories
His ability to fine-tune any project and to be able to relate to both client and market needs is phenomenal. Mr Unsworth has without doubt the ability to turn anyone's business around and to increase turnover and profits.

Brandon Prevost - Manager of PLUSH
We are blessed to be associated with the wonderful unit from The PR Team! Their constant dedication and overwhelming generosity is what makes them a cut above the rest. We have always been told that business and pleasure are two separate entities, but in this case, business has been a pleasure.

Sam Pegg - International Model and Stylist
If representation is sought, Peter Unsworth is the man for the job.

Heinz Winckler - Double Platinum Recording & Performing Artist
Any artist needs good publicity, but not every publicist can give it. I was lucky to find a great publicity team in The P.R Team consisting of Peter Unsworth and Kelly Fisher. Thank you guys for the amazing work you have done and I know still will do.

Norman Knox (Jannie) - Ma-Afrika Films (Pty) Ltd
Dear Peter,
I am writing to firstly Thank You for the outstanding professional service you and your Team have given to Ma-Afrika films over the past 6 months since we engaged your services.
Secondly I'd like to take the opportunity to Thank You and the Team in my personal capacity for the sensitive and understanding way in which you have handled the e'Lollipop media exposure, especially my own personal involvement in such.
The P.R Team have become more than "just our P.R company" and I feel like I have gained not only new friends but I have " a little family of my own" here in Cape Town, in whom I can confide in a personal capacity.
I know of no other company who has been able to make me feel this way - I Thank You once again.
Long may our association continue.

Colin Hutt - Owner - The Trossachs Guest Lodge
Since employing the services of Peter Unsworth and The P.R Team, the guest lodge has literally doubled its turnover!!!
Peters' loyalty and dedication to his clients is insurmountable and I can only say if I had only taken on the services of The P.R Team in the beginning, I would have saved a fortune. The P.R Team get to understand your business and ensure you get the right exposure to the right audience. When The P.R Team first took on my account I was ready to sell the lodge but was convinced by Pete that this would be a bad idea. I am glad I took his advice as I now have no intention of selling - business has turned around. Numbers speak for themselves and I can attribute most of our recent success to The P.R team.

Gary Geyer - Marketing Director - Madikwe Safaris
Coming from a large Hotel Group as the Group Marketing Manager and now currently the Marketing Director of Madikwe Safaris which represents 26 five star lodges, I have used The P.R Team extensively for all our public relations and media representation, and can highly recommend their services, commitment and loyalty to their clients, always putting us first and acting in our best interest.
We would not have received the exposure we deserve in a million years, without Pete and his team of highly dedicated professionals.

Theunis Fick - Managing Director - Centurion Security Solutions
We approached The P.R team to assist us in upgrading our image and create some flair to an industry that is lacking both of these elements.
Peter Unsworth took the proverbial ugly duckling and turned it into the knight in shining amour. His input and insight were far beyond what we expected and the changes actually saved our business!
Our focus has changed, our image upgraded, our vision expanded and specialised and in truth our company has been reborn. The value added to our business by The P.R team is beyond its weight in gold.